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Want to look like you have just stepped out of a salon? RADIESSENCE is your answer for a Professional no makeup look.

RADIESSENCE is a New Zealand made Award winning Makeup and Tanning Brand.

RADIESSENCE makeup is quick and easy with Mineral Bronzers and Foundation that yields a natural, soft, even tone for younger looking skin.

Our tanning products with Biotanning ingredients revive the skin with an instant natural bronze looking tan that lasts for up to 7 days.

Enjoy a Natural Radiance all year round!

Natural Glow, famous for its luminous spheres that give skin a natural, healthy-looking radiance, has grown into a significant New Zealand success story over the past two decades.

Natural Glow is proudly a New Zealand brand and has become a household name here. Its success lies in its quality, ease of use and versatility.

Natural Glow has a broad appeal to a huge age range from 15 to 99 year olds. It is truly the makeup that generations of women have come to love.

Manufactured in pristine New Zealand, the bodEze® Body Sugaring Gel is a hair removal gel that has enhanced the age old tradition of sugaring with the additives of kiwifruit and aloe vera to remove unwanted hair from the roots effortlessly – for smooth, hair-free skin that lasts up to six weeks.

The bodEze® hair removal gels have been made with the finest of natural New Zealand ingredients and under the strictest of quality processes. With extended stability testing, stringent independent testing and extensive user acceptance testing, the product is designed to deliver where others have failed.

Learn powerful insights and keys for success with this easy-to-read daily guide for outrageous living from one of New Zealand’s most successful women entrepreneurs, Bernadette Soares.

For 31 days enjoy and challenge yourself with a Personal Word, a Contemplation, an Affirmation, an Action for the Day and an Outrageous Challenge for each day.

Beauty entrepreneur, Bernadette Soares shares the experiences of her life with thoughtful insights and empowering words with actionable activities and challenges for you to follow. This journal will be a blessing in your life and something that you will want to keep at your bedside to read each day to encourage you to succeed in your life’s journey.